Each of our selected Young Choreographers is assigned a Mentor through YCF
Mentors have included: Michelle Barber, Ryan Daniel Beck, Justin Boccitto, Eric Campros, Denise Caston, Cheryl Copeland, Maurice Brandon Curry, Ginger Cox, Laura Diffenderfer, Shelly Hutchinson, Justin Lewis, Calen J. Kurka, Nijawwon Matthews, Lane Napper, Matthew Shaffer, Tracie Stanfield, Kristin Sudeikis, Dre Torres, Pascal Rekoert-Valdez, Wes Veldink, Kat Wildish

YCF's Talk Back Panel is an integral portion of our Educational Programming. Each year, our selected Young Choreographers are privy to face-time with a panel of working professionals from all facets of the dance industry.
Panelists have included: Sheila Barker, Sidra Bell, Rachel Bress, Camille A. Brown, Pam Chancey, KC Castellano, Ljuba Castot, Maurice Brandon Curry, Laura Diffenderfer, Fatima, Jenn Freeman, Margaret Fuhrer, Brinda Guha, Chris Hale, Jacob Hiss, Ali Koinoglou, Calen J. Kurka, Jeremy McQueen, Ashani Mfuko, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Doug Post, Tracie Stanfield, Jason Styres, Pascal Rekoert-Valdez, Wes Veldink, Brooke Wendle, Lakey Wolff